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Welcome to Aroeira 70.

Aroeira 70 is a Portuguese family vacation apartment, perfect for a delicious holiday with your soul mate.

The apartment is located within the Herdade Golf of Aroeira, a protected natural area, 25 km from the Centre of Lisbon.

In addition to the golf courses, just 5 minutes away you’ll find a fantastic beach, approximately 30 km in extension, which forms the main beaches of the region of Lisbon. One being the Fonte da Telha beach which is situated next to the Herdade of Aroeira.

These characteristics transform Herdade of Aroeira into a place of choice for a well deserved vacation; where the practice of golf, leisure and a close contact with nature does not prevent the enjoyment of the capital city, full of life and many sites of tourism attraction!

Whether in Summer or Winter, start planning your golf or beach vacation week.

Have a good holiday!
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